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Ras al-Ghoul

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The last defense against Islam

Ras al-Ghoul, Libya

Ras al-Ghoul, Libya

It could look like just a hill top, but this was a rather interesting fortress, dating back to ancient times.
With the arrival of Islam to Ghadames, 10 km south, most inhabitants accepted to be converted to Islam. But a group of locals opposed the invaders, and took refuge in Ras al-Ghoul.
The fortress was put under a siege, and attacks were attempted. But since it had its own well, the locals could withstand for a very long time, and 13 Muslims died out here. The Muslim invaders finally offered peace, allowing the non-Muslims to remain non-Muslims.
Views from the fortress are quite stunning. As if cut by a knife, the sand dunes of Sahara begins right on the border to Tunisia and Algeria, while stony desert dominates on Libyan side.

Eat and Sleep
See Ghadames.

Either join an excursion from Ghadames, or walk out here. Expect 2 hours each way. Except for very sunny days, this should be easy to accomplish. Only one thing to remember, and this is very important, make sure you do not cross the border to Algeria, which is considered a serious crime.

Going Next
10 km southeast: Ghadames

By Tore Kjeilen