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Zagora, Morocco

Zagora, Morocco.

Zagora, Morocco
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Town in south-central Morocco with 37,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), south of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, along the seasonal river of Draa'.
Zagora today is mainly a market town of a region of small-scale farming and livestock raising. Tourism is of some importance, the town housing around 10 hotels and 4 camping grounds. It has in recent years been promoted to a regional administrative centre, resulting in fast growth in population. This may lead to twice the number of inhabitants in few years.
Zagora is connected to other urban centres mainly by one one northern-bound road only, which is in good condition, but passing mountain passes of up 1,660 metres height. Ouarzazate, the first real town, is 165 km northwest, Marrakech 365 km northwest and Agadir 550 km west.
Practically all of Zagora is built in recent decades, which is reflected in a standard Moroccan architecture. Yet, the use of pink colour all over, makes Zagora a friendly town. To the east, across the Draa' seasonal river, is the Amazrou oasis, in which a kasbah is found.
Zagora hosts the annual religious festival of Moulay Abdelkader Jilali, which is of great importance to the entire Draa Valley.

11th century: The Almoravids build a fortress at Amazrou, slightly east of future Zagora.
13th century: Zagora is founded as an Arab Muslim town.

By Tore Kjeilen