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Arabic: tawhīd

In Islam, the concept of oneness, mainly relating directly to God.
The concept of tawhid is not mentioned in the Koran, it is a product of Muslim theology.
Within the concept, also the nature of God may be dealt with, such as the complex question of a relation between the essence and the attributes of God.
With many Sufi orientations, the concept of tawhid has taken a different direction, claiming that all essences are divine, in which all existence merges with that of God. Experiencing the unity with God can only be reached through religious rituals.
The concept involves that God cannot be divided into parts, and it plays a certain role in Muslim polemics with Christians and the Christian concept of the Trinity and the concept of Jesus being God's son.
By emphasizing tawhid, Muslims claim to prove the monotheistic nature of their religion, despite the fact that many Muslim characters have been lifted up to a semi-divine position, as is the case with Muhammad among Sunnis and Ali and the imams among Shi'is. Most Muslims today would consider disrespectful treatment of either of these as a blasphemous act.

By Tore Kjeilen