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Michel Sleiman
Arabic: shāl sulaymān
Other spelling: Suleiman

President of Lebanon, Michel Sleiman.
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Michel Sleiman.

(1948-) Lebanese president since 2008.
He showed his abilities as a leader during the 2007 cricis, in which he avoided using the Lebanese army on its own nationals. Some criticised him for this, others commended him. When selected for the presidency, emphasis was put on his ability to unify different groups.

1948 November 21: Born in Amsheet into a Maronite Christian family.
1998: Becomes commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces.
2007 May-September: Is in charge of handling a conflict with the armed group, Fatah al-Islam, in the Nahr el-Barid refugee camp.
2008 May 25: Elected president with 118 of 125 votes in the parliament.

By Tore Kjeilen