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Fouad Siniora
Arabic: fuw'ād 'as-sinīuwra
Other spellings: Fuad; Sanyoura; Saniora; Seniora

Fouad Siniora.

Fouad Siniora.

(1943-) Lebanese president 2005-2008, prime minister since 2005.
His political ideas are strongly in favour of great economical freedom in the society.
Among his main tasks as prime minister has been dealing with the conflict in southern Lebanon, with regards to Israel and Hizbullah. He has not had any clear direction in this matter, both expressing sympathy with Hizbullah, then preventing them from obtaining arms during the 2006 war.

1943 April 14: Born in Sayda, to a Sunni Muslim family.
— Graduates from American University in Beirut in business administration.
1992: Appointed finance minister to the government of Rafiq Hariri.
1998: The government of Rafiq Hariri steps down, ending Siniora's period as finance minister.
— Is accused for corruption during his term as finance minister.
2000: A new Hariri government is formed, Siniora returns to the position of finance minister.
2002: Removes most of the country's duty taxes, replacing these with value added taxes.
2003: Is cleared of the charges of corruption by the parliament.
2005 July 19: Becomes prime minister, following the victory of anti-Syrian parties in the parliament elections in May and June.
2006 November 13: Central parties to his government resigns, leaving him with a government without any Shi'i represenative.
2007 November 23: Becomes president.
2008 May 25: Steps down as president, succeeded by Michel Sleiman.

By Tore Kjeilen