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Arabic: musandam

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Musandam, Oman
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Musandam, Oman
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Photos: Tor Eigeland/Saudi Aramco World/PADIA

One of the several fjords in this rugged area of Arabia.
Musandam is deservedly attracting more and more visitors.

Dhow port of the village of Khasab.
Hilltop village.

Musandam is like the end of the world, yet it is right where next to the highway of modern trade. And wars.

Peninsula in Oman. There is a 40 km. separation between it and the rest of Oman created by the United Arab Emirates. The area itself is about 1,800 kmē with about 35,000 inhabitants (2003 estimate).
The only town is Khasab. Other important settlements are Lima, Bukha and Tawi. The central area of Musandam is mountainous, with Jabal Karim at an elevation of 2,057 metres as the highest point. Apart from this, Musandam is dominated by beautiful natural elements with many fjords and small islands.
Musandam is underdeveloped compared to the rest of Oman, and several villages like Lima and Kumzar can be reached only by boat. There is an airport that connects Musandam to Musqat.
One interesting point about Musandam is the village of Kumzar, where the locals speak their own language, called Kumzari. Kumzari is a mix of Arabic, Persian, Hindi and English.

By Tore Kjeilen