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Judaism / Orientations /
Hebrew: chasid (sing) chasidim (plural)

Jewish sect of the 2nd century BCE, that was known for its uncompromising observance of the Law. Unlike many other Jewish groups of this period, the Hasideans were not political in their orientation or practice.
Being so fanatical in their observance of the law, they were willing to die, over details regarding Sabbath observance.
It is believed that the "disappearance" of their group actually resulted from an absorption either by the Pharisees or Essenes.
There is no connection between the Hasideans and the Hasidim of Poland in the 18th century.

Around 160: The Hasideans join the Maccabean revolt as a protest against religious freedom. They do not continue in the struggle, however, once freedom is achieved.
Around 100: The Hasideans disappear from the historical sources, a clear indication that they really disappear as a group or are assimilated with another one.

By Tore Kjeilen