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Ancient Egypt
1. Introduction
2. People
3. Life styles
4. Culture
5. Education and Science
6. Society
7. Economy
8. Government
9. Cities and Villages
10. Language
11. Religion
12. Kings / periods
13. History
14. Map

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Open map of Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt /

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt

The upper class of Ancient Egypt consisted of the large royal family, landowners, high government officials, priests, army officers and doctors.
The middle class was made up of merchants, manufacturers and craftsworkers.
The lower class consisted of unskilled labourers and peasants.
The fourth class was made up of slaves. Under given circumstances slaves could both achieve freedom, but even under slavery they enjoyed rights and could inherit land.
With the exception of the slaves, people in Egypt had class mobility, and they could move both up and down. By strategic marriage or education, it was possible to rise above more humble conditions.
The society was dominated by the male. The man was the head of the family, but women had extensive rights, and could own and inherit property and participate in trade. Women could even divorce their husbands by their own will.

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By Tore Kjeilen