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Sumerian: Gudua
Other spellings: Cutha, Kutha

Ancient city of Mesopotamia. Located on the right bank of the eastern branch of the Euphrates river, north of Nippur and around 40 kilometres northeast of Babylon.
The city had a cult devoted to Nergal, the death god. Cuthah emerges with this as a unique place in the history Mesopotamian religions, a centre for the worship of forces that can be described as demonic or evil. Nergal's temple remained a centre for regional religiosity long after the end of centralized Mesopotamian religions, being operative and kept in repair by regional rulers.
Cuthah is in the Old Testament mentioned as one of 5 cities where King Sargon settled the exiled Israelites. They experienced that the local gods did not accept their faith, and by accepting local cults, causing two groups to emerged, the Cuthim and the Samaritans (2 Kings 17:24-30).
There have been achaeological excavations at Cuthah, but little has been found, mainly inscribed bowls and a few tablets.

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By Tore Kjeilen