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(Nur, Mazandaran, Persia 1817- Akko, Palestine 1892) Founder of Baha'i, and halfbrother of Subh-i Azal, his later competitor for control of the Babi society. His original name was Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri.
Baha'ullah had never met the Bab, but was considered one of Bab's most central disciples, and after 1850 a majority preferred him as the successor to the leadership position in Babism. Baha'ullah had to move to Baghdad, as he no could longer feel safe at home in Persia.
In 1863 he declared himself the manifestation that Bab had predicted in 1844. This was in Baghdad. Baha'ullah lived as a hermit outside Sulaymaniyya, Iraq. He modified the religion of Bab slightly, and proclaimed it to have become a religion for all religions. Baha'ullah was forced to move from Iraq, where he lived for 4 years in Adrianople, before moving to Akko in 1868.
After his death in 1892 Baha'ullah passed on the spiritual authority to his son Abdu l-Baha'.

By Tore Kjeilen