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Highlight of the dull West

Tlemcen, Algeria

Tlemcen, Algeria

Tlemcen, Algeria

Tlemcen, Algeria

Tlemcen stands out as a seldom well- conducted example on mixture between Islamic and French architecture. In Tlemcen you'll find the most outstanding mosques of Algeria, and the French part of the city reigns among the nicest in the whole of North Africa. And the altitude of Tlemcen makes the place a nice hideout during the hottest summer months.
When in Tlemcen, you can visit the mosque and tomb built around Sidi Bou Mediene. This is one of the nicest tombs in Maghreb, and holds another attraction, with being the namer of the second president of Algeria, Houari Boumedienne, who changed his name in 1956. This act must be compared to Algeria's former reputation of having been among the countries most willing to leave old popular traditions behind, in order to enter the modern ages.

Eat and Sleep
Fairly good eating. Good choices of lodging for budgeters, little for those with money to spend.

Air flights to Algiers, and also some to France. Buses and trains connect Tlemcen well with the rest of Algeria.

Going Next
600 km east: Algiers
80 km west: MOROCCO

By Tore Kjeilen