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Fortress village

Temacine is a Saharan variant of the extended ksar-village. From the outside it looks like a fortress, something which it is, elevated by a small hill,- this function is a leftover from earlier times. Palm trunks have been use extensively in the building of Temacine. Inside you enter streets that are arranged to escape the heat of the sun, being covered most of the time, with a couple of light holes. Streets are curving in order to secure that air streams through in the preferred way. It remains a cooling retreat, that modern air conditioners hardly can compete with.
The mosque of Temacine dates back to 1431, and this you can enter, and even climb up into the minaret. From here, the view of Temacine is excellent. All building materials for the mosque were brought in from Tunisia.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels and restaurants.

There are local buses running out from Touggourt. You can also get on a bus for Tamelhat.

By Tore Kjeilen