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The beautiful oasis

Taghit, Algeria

If you're setting out for one oasis alone, it might as well be Taghit. It is a strikingly beautiful place, with strong and seemingly threatening sand dunes to the east of the town. These dunes are among the biggest you will find in the Grand Erg Occidental. What makes Taghit a must, is that you really get the feeling of which dimensions these dunes represent, especially will you be able to make this visible on photos. Sunrise is since long one of the standards for visitors. When descending the dunes, do not forget to use a piece of tin or a cardbox, and slide down,- it is almost like the snow!
The village is an old mud-brick part that meets the modern parts, all set in between green palm groves. The village is dominated by the old ksar, which is not accessible, as this is a military post. The old part is a covered labyrinth, representing the most typical element of Saharan architecture; the successful escape from the summer heat.

Eat and Sleep
One hotel, but this has a swimming pool! And a camp site. One restaurant apart from the one at the hotel, only.

As Taghit is off the main road down western Algeria, there are only few buses, so taxis is preferred by most. With a little planning, transportation is no problem.

By Tore Kjeilen