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Grand Erg Orientale

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The biggest sea of sand

This is as a matter of fact the second largest continuous sea of sand inside the Sahara, second to only the Libyan Desert. Grand Erg Oriental starts almost in the centre of Algeria, and continues well into Tunisia. Even if few places of Algerian Sahara can be compared with El-Oued, Grand Erg Oriental has slightly less to attract visitors than its western counterpart, the Grand Erg Occidental. One of the greatest sights of this region is the agricultural efforts by the people of Souf.
Depressions, which due to underpressure, has water coming up from vast underground reservoirs, are dug out by hand. Palms are planted, and palm fronds are set up in circles around the artificial depression, in order to prevent the sand from sliding down into the centre. These are naturally best seen from up air, but this is something only few travellers can get to experience.

By Tore Kjeilen