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Little Eden in Sahara

El-Golea will for all travellers be a stop over on a trip going south into Sahara, or coming from the south. Situated 300 km south of M'zab, and 400 km north of In Salah, what El-Golea has is to offer is a beautiful oasis, the best water in the country and a wide range of first class agricultural products. While most oases stick to dates only, El-Golea grows plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, oranges, and figs.
Apart from this El-Golea hasn't all that much to offer. For travellers fond of legends and stories of Sahara, the grave of Charles de Foucauld is found here, 1000 km from his hermitage in Hoggar.

Eat and Sleep
OK eating. Good on lodging.

Air flights to Algiers and Tamanrasset. Bus and taxi will bring you in all directions, but departures could have been more frequent, and don't be too sure on getting a seat.

Going Next
300 km north: M'zab
400 km south: In Salah

By Tore Kjeilen