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Cherchell, Algeria

Cherchell, Algeria

Cherchell has a lot to offer its visitors, with a lot of monuments spread all around the city. The city itself is a standard medium-sized Algerian city of 60,000 inhabitants at the sea, except from the fact that large parts of it is covering ancient sites.
Cherchell was founded in the 4th century BC by the Carthaginians. In 25 BC the Romans captured it, and called it Caesarea, and made it into the capital of Mauretania province. In 472 the Vandals ruined it, but it returned to some of its old grandeur under the Byzantines. Ever since then, control over Cherchell has shifted from one conqueror to another, and it was not until 1840 that the French managed to get control over it.
Most of what has been uncovered is found in the museum in the centre of town. Check out the Greek statues, which are of high quality. South of the museum, remains of the Forum and Civile Basilica is found, a little bit further also the Roman Theatre. the baths to the west, has only been partly excavated.
Out to the east of town is the tomb of Sidi Brahim el Ghobrini.

Eat and Sleep
A couple of hotels, and simple restaurants.

Good bus connections to major nearby cities.

By Tore Kjeilen