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Beni Abbes

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At the edge of the desert

Beni Abbs has a beautiful setting, with the sand desert starting right where the oasis itself ends. If could almost resemble a skiing resort, with the high dunes ascending up from the town, giving you an easy access to great view over the place. The town itself is evenly divided between the modern parts and the traditional old parts, all finding room in between the palmeraie. The old parts are now slowly disapearing, as virtually nobody have been living here for the last 40 years. But there is enough around to give you a good feeling of what old Sudanese-style desert architecture is all about. The houses are made out of red mud bricks. The old ksar is one of the buildings demonstrating old manners of building large constructions, designed for protection of the inhabitants of the village agains Moroccan tribes.
One of the more popular activities of visitors is swimming in the municipal pool, misleadingly called La Source. The water filling it is however true spring water. The museum could be worth a visit as well, if you're interested in desert fauna, fossils, traditional crafts, and all different kinds of dates you would ever imagine.
Local legends tell that the springs giving life to Beni Abbs came by from a miracle. A traveller put his stick into ground, saying that at his death, water could come out of it. He died the following night, and a spring flowed, somthing it has done ever since.

Eat and Sleep
Two hotels, but camping is possible. Eating must be done in the restaurants.

Buses will bring you to either in northern or southern directions,- all buses are passing through Beni Abbs.

By Tore Kjeilen