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Village of Kekova

▄çağız, Turkey

▄çağız, Turkey

▄çağız is sometimes sorted under Kekova Island.
▄çağız may serve primarily as little but a stop on your way to the village of Kale, but ▄çağız has done quite a few things to provide services for travellers as well.
The setting of ▄çağız is very nice, with several islands in the horizon and the village itself as a few picturesque quarters. If you're one of those who never get tired of archaeology, there are some sarcophagi to the east of the village, ruins of ancient Theimussa.

There are several simple hotels in ▄çağız, and their advantage is that they are correctly priced, which is not the case with Kale's hotels. All come with restaurants, which also offer generous servings at friendly prices.

Interesting nearby
From ▄çağız, boat trips can be arranged to more destinations than Kale, like Kekova Island and the ruins of Aperlae.

By Tore Kjeilen