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Turunç, Turkey

Turunç, Turkey

Turunç, Turkey

Arriving at Turunç, you really will get a good lesson in how Turkey's nature is and what challenges the nation's road engineers have faced. On the map it looks like a short journey, but you will be climbing up and down a few mountains before this small town emerges as a small miracle at the end of a green bay.
From high above, it looks specatacular. Downtown, it is modest, but charming. If Içmeler is like a small version of Marmaris, Turunç is a small version of Içmeler. The town itself is virtually only that one street you cannot avoid coming or leaving, flanked by standard souvenir stalls, a few restaurants and bars and other shops and banks. Not much to explore, you can see it all in 20 minutes. Most visitors stay at small pensions and fill their stomachs at relatively simple restaurants, but this is a resort that has visitors coming again and again.
Turunç has two beaches, the one which is not in front of town is the nicest, but occupied by the one grand hotel here, named after the village it has dislocated itself from; the Turunç Hotel. The town beach was badly organized when I visited in May 2009, but both sand and water was clean.

Turunç has a fair reputation with its hotels, most are in the 3-star category. Eating at hotels can quickly become boring, reading what visitors to Turunç report. For information and reviews on Turunç hotels, check Holiday Watchdog and/or Trip Advisor.
Around town, enough restaurants to fill a week are found. These have also resulted in happy reports.
There is a limited selection of bars, but still not bad for a small resort like this. Turunç is far from a party resort.
Activities are fair enough, mainly it is the offer at the Turunç Hotel beach that is most interesting. Town beach could easily become boring for kids.
Transportation in and out of Turunç is done by small buses or water taxis, connecting both to Marmaris and Içmeler, taking 40-50 minutes to Marmaris, 30-40 minutes to Içmeler.

By Tore Kjeilen