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The lively city of antiquity

Tlos, Turkey

Tlos, Turkey

Tlos, one of the oldest Lycian cities, recorded back to the 14th century BCE, has a dramatic setting, on a rocky outcrop. On it is the acropolis, with several rock tombs fighting for free space. The finest among them is the Tomb of Bellerophon, with a temple-like facade. Arriving at it requires a full 15 minute unpleasant walk both ways. Bellerophon was not the "owner" of the grave, rather a mythical hero riding a winged horse depicted on the inside of the walls. This grave is thought to have belonged to the local royal family, who claimed descent to Bellerophon.
The acropolis is topped by a structure that in comparison is rather recent, an Ottoman fortress.
Many of Tlos' structures make little sense to most visitors, being little but heaps of stones. Many large structures have yet to be identified in their functions.


Tlos hotels

Mountain Lodge (t. 638 2515) Swimming pool Good value for money

Opening hours are 8.00-18.00, admission is 5 lira, but only waived between April and October. The site is unfenced, so there is a degree of voluntariness to that thing about buying tickets.
As a nice surprise, there is a hotel near the village of Yaka some 2 km away from the ruins. And it is not a bad place!
The hotel offers half-board or individual dinners as well, but Yaka has several other restaurants too, all specializing in trout caught locally.
Arriving at Tlos 25 km is along an asphalted road turning south from the Fethiye-Korkuteli road. At Gneşli, pay attention to which road you follow after the fork.
Moving around this region without your own transportation involves quite a bit of waiting. There are minibuses connecting Tlos to Fethiye, but infrequent.

By Tore Kjeilen