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The tiny resort

Selimiye, Turkey

Selimiye, Turkey

If you arrive here by road, the boat-builder village of Selimiye at first appears as dull and pointless. A few houses are scattered along the bay, ending in a tiny, tiny centre. But right there, things change into a port of cute charm.
It is not a surprise that awaits you, Selimiye is all in all a small-scale resort. But it is a resort! The village attracts a mixture of road travellers looking for the place where nothing happens, and yatch passengers attracted by the great setting and harbour here in the Delikyol bay.
For anyone craving for ruins and history, there are the remains of an Ottoman fort on a miniature islet.

There are plenty of hotels here, more than you would expect. Most are cheap and basic, a few are in the mid-section. Value for money are fine.
Eating here is equally easy, restaurants are neither cheap nor expensive, very good on fish, but serve meat too.
There seems to be nothing in terms of lively bars or nightlife here, and nothing to find of water sports or other activities.
Getting to and from Selimiye is done by small buses doing the stretch Marmaris-Bozborun-Marmaris, passing through here every 2 hours.

By Tore Kjeilen