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1. Driving between flowers

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Pride of the high mountains

Selge, Turkey

The Agora of Selge, with the remains of a Byzantine church and a temple of Zeus.

Well, so it looks all Roman in what is left from its ancient era. But Selge, the capital of a small local country at 900 metres, was never conquered by any foreign army. It was never even attacked. Driving up here, you have no problems imagining why. Even by its easiest access, driving a small car calls for all your attention. Its Roman structures were eventually built by the Romans, following a soft transition of power.
At the most, 20,000 people lived in Selge. Of the ancient town, little remains, but the theatre is in fair condition. Standing at its top, views are great with the green fields and red roofed houses of Altinkaya village.
There is also 350 metres remaining of the city walls, remains of a Byzantine church and a temple of Zeus. The agora still has its original paving intact.

Selge, Turkey

There is a simple cafe next to the entry point to Selge, but there is no accommodation. Admission is 2 lira, opening hours seem to be of the flexible kind. Outside "opening hours", entry is still permitted, but no tickets sold.
Coming out here and back calls for your own vehicle. There is precious little public transportation, well reflected in locals hitch hiking.

By Tore Kjeilen