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Saklikent Kanyon

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A canyon too deep for the sun

The canyon of Saklikent is so narrow and deep that sunlight doesn't penetrate. Even in the midst of summer, the water can be ice cold. The canyon is about 18 km long and really beautiful.
Its entrance consists of a number of wooden platforms above the river, where there are several restaurants. There is a great number of activities to experience the canyon.

Saklikent Kanyon, Turkey


Saklikent hotels

Saklikent Gorge Camp (t. 659 0074) Internet Swimming pool Good value for money

Entering the area requires a ticket, costing 3 lira for adults 2 lira for students in high season, but free during low season months. Opening hours are 8.00-20.00.
There is one place to sleep in the Saklikent, offering both tree houses, camping and dormitories.
Restaurants at the entrance to the canyon serve trout at a price.
There are several activities arranged at Saklikent, tubing (riding a inflatable plastic thing looking like a doughnut), rafting, treks, fishing and jeep safaris. Prices are slightly on the expensive side. Rafting is priced at about 50 lira for an hour, f.x. This is about the double of Köprülü Kanyon, but Saklikent is more demanding and dramatic.
There are about 4 minibuses per hour between Saklikent and Fethiye, the trip takes 45-50 minutes.

By Tore Kjeilen