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Ancient centre of Pamphylia

Perge, Turkey

Perge is an important ruined city, but not necessarily easily appreciated by all. While structures are huge, their condition is generally such that few leave terribly impressed.
The best parts are the colonnaded street which ends in the 2nd century CE northern nymphaeum. The theatre and stadium, both grandly laid out, seating 14,000 and 12,000 are now closed for visitors due to the unsafe condition. The stadium is noted for being the largest of its kind in Asia Minor.

Perge, Turkey

Perge is best reached with your own vehicle or as part of an organized trip. Public transport comes as close as 2 km from the ruins; catch a dolmus for Aksu from Antalya. That ride is about 13 km.
We have no information about any nearby facilities.
Admission is 10 lira, open daily 9.00-19.30.

By Tore Kjeilen