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Walking the Maiden's Sand

Orhaniye, Turkey

Orhaniye, Turkey

Orhaniye is a stop or a day trip destination - it is not a resort by itself. People come from Marmaris and Içmeler to make a change in the holidays. The setting of Ohraniye is very nice, inside a small bay of steep mountains, and the open ocean just a few hundred metres out.
Orhaniye's main offer is the submerged sand-spit called Maiden's Sand, allowing people to walk almost across the bay. Some promote this as walking like Jesus on the water, but really people wade knee-high.
The beach here is not brilliant, water tend to get (naturally) muddy. Water sports are offered, especially jet-skis and tubes, at normal rates.

Accommodation is possible at Orhaniye, there are two hotels and a handful of pensions. Quality and value-for-money is good. It tend not to fill up even in high season, so planning ahead is not very necessary. Eating out is possible at simple restaurants, as well as at the café on the beach.
Getting out here is hard if you don't have your own transportation or join an organized trip. Nearest hub is Marmaris, 40 km east.
Continuing your trip from Orhaniye, Selimiye is 20 km west with Bozborun 10 further west.

By Tore Kjeilen