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Tombs like houses

Myra, Turkey

Myra, Turkey

Myra, Turkey

Coming to Myra, you will realize that this place you have seen before. In books or on tourist boards. The rock-hewn tombs has become iconic for Lycia.
Even from a distance, they can be seen. As a matter of fact, they become visible to the point that it could well be suggested that you save money on the ticket, and watch from a distance. Inside, all you achieve is to look up from the ground well beneath the tomb faces. There is no longer any access points to the tombs.
While most of the ancient city lies buried under more recent rubble, there is one more great attraction here, the well-preserved theatre.
More tombs are found about 1.5 km along the left track, at a site known as the river necropolis. The main sight here is the painted tomb, with imagery of the deceased and his family.

The site is open 8.00-19.00, closing at 17.00 in winter. Being so conveniently located, close to charter centres, Myra atracts large crowds most of the day. If you wish to avoid this, visit as early or as late as you can. Admission is 5 lira.
The immediate services are limited to a handful of restaurants. A few of these are good and affordable, which is more on the unusual side considering that they cater mainly for tour groups.

By Tore Kjeilen