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Manavgat waterfall

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The complete joke

Manavgat Waterfall, Turkey

Manavgat Waterfall, Turkey

Turkey, this country of stunning nature and wilderness, has Manavgat Waterfall as one of the most visited nature sites. The reason is of course that it is a mere 5 km drive away from the tourist machine of Side. But it is a total joke. It isn't really a waterfall by most definitions, being less than 2 metres high.
Around, complete facilities have been established, tourist stalls, ice cream parlours, restaurants and cafes. Fenced bridges and platforms both make sure that everyone can take in the 2 metre high wonder, as well as keep everyone from coming even close.
I pretented to be part of a tour group entering the spot, thereby avoiding to pay 2 lira entrance fee. I have no remorse about that!

By Tore Kjeilen