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Kemer, Turkey

Kemer seems to have gotten off wrongly with quite a few. Some guide books omit it altogether, another refer to it as " of the least appealing..." It is not terribly hard to see why that is. Still many travellers have a good time here. It is a place to do nothing, and quite honestly, it is every traveller's own right to find out whether he or she wants to go deep into history and culture or not.
The objectively bad thing about the place is its limited size. Even for a week's stay, Kemer runs out of attractions. Still, the touristic town looks nice, beaches are good, and hotels are professionally run providing all services and good food.

Kemer, Turkey

One of the strangest hotel concepts I have seen. Here in a resort for charter holidays, someone has recreated the main train station of Amsterdam!

Poor in terms of budget hotels. Independent travellers will easily end up paying through their nose for hotels that charter tourists get at a comfortable price.
Restaurants belong to the higher scale in this part of Turkey.
There are car rentals in town, and shops to change money.
Getting in and out of Kemer is not difficult, with plenty of connections to nearby sites, Phaselis and Tekirova, as well as to the major city and transport hub of Antalya.

By Tore Kjeilen