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The old Greek town of pebbles

Kalkan, Turkey

Kalkan, Turkey

Kalkan is part of a string of friendly tourist villages along the Turqouise Coast that find tranquility in between the mountains and overlooking a bay. Its layout is clearly not among the most ideal, since most of the town streets climb up from the sea. On the positive side, this allows good views over the bay.
Until the Christian cleansings of Turkey in 1915-1923, it was a Greek town known as Kalamaki.
People coming here are largely the elder and families, few independent travellers choose Kalkan in favour of nearby Kaş. Kalkan's definite advantage over Kaş is a town beach. It is not sandy, but made from pebbles, but as the story goes, pebbles are favoured over sand by many tourists since there is nothing sticking to your feet, towel, water bottle. You name it.


Kalkan hotels

Ay (t. 844 3058) Good value for money
Çelik Pansiyon (t. 844 2126) Good value for money
Holiday Pension (t. 844 3777) Good value for money
Kalamaki Pansiyon (t. 844 3649) One week stay minimum. Good value for money
Trk Evi (t. 8443129) Excellent value for money

Balıkçı Han (t. 844 3075) Good value for money
Çetinkaya (t. 844 3307) Good value for money
Daphne Pansiyon (t. 844 2788) Good value for money
Petara Stone House (t. 844 3622) Only two rooms! Excellent value for money
Zindbad (t. 844 3404) Good value for money

Villa Mahal (t. 844 3268) Excellent value for money

The hotel situation in Kalkan is good, but there are no options for travellers on the tightest of budgets. Value for money is reliable, and several of the places are run enthusiastically, with owners investing their pride and creativity.
Kalkan has many restaurants, which similar to the hotels, each has its own unique identity. Prices tend to tip in direction of above Turkish average, but expect friendliness, charm, good service and well-prepared food.
Public transportation to and from Kalkan are with minibuses and run mainly through Fethiye, 1.5 hours and Kaş. There are also connections to Patara.

Kalkan, Turkey

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By Tore Kjeilen