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Sweet, small, romantic

Kale, Turkey

Kale, Turkey

Kale, Turkey

Some maps and books call the town of Demre for "Kale". Kale is also called "Kalek÷y". This article relates to the village which is also called Simena.

A short ferry ride away, Kale is a unique, beautiful and slightly weird travellers' destination. Located on a roadless peninsula, it does have the feel of an island. A small rock climbs up from the simple hotel slash restaurants that flank the shore. On the top of the climb, a crusader castle still manage to intrigue and impress.
At any moment of the day, Kale is attractive. During the day, it is a unlikely combination of simplicity and hedonism. In the evening and as far into the night as active travellers can make it without any nightclubs or pulsating bars nearby, it is turned into the perfect romantic spot. Kale in the evening is a quiet place where cliffs and nearby islands become sweetly lit by a modest use of electric light.

There are enough hotels in Kale for most of the season. The only problem is that they all fall into the same category, all places are charming but basic and definitely overpriced. Restaurants are ovepriced too. Still, do not let this deter you from coming out here; Kale is not more expensive than other places in terms of actual money spent. The simplicity out here will start to make sense a few hours after sunset.
Getting back and forth may at first seem risky. You rent or join a small ferry from ▄çağız. At that point, the ferry captain may try to make you believe that unless you arrange for the return trip with him, you will get stuck on Kale. You will, fortunately, not. Your hotel will easily arrange for a return trip.

By Tore Kjeilen