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The village where the road ends

Kabak, Turkey


Kabak is a destination for those seeking full peace and tranquility. Getting here illustrates the whole purpose of visiting the place. After driving the narrow road of the rugged wild coast south of Ölüdeniz for 20-30 minutes, the asphalt ends somewhere up in the hills. Below you is the sea and a small bay, above you the might of the wild Baba Mountain comes to its climax. Kabak village is somewhere down there, in between the trees. Visitors will have their luggage transported by mules, they themselves will need some 25 minutes to walk down.
There is nothing at Kabak but green nature and a great beach. Life moves slowly here, well-fitting the many yoga devotees that frequent the place.

At Kabak there aren't even pensions, this is a village of basic camps, with platforms with tents rented out at high prices, expect to pay 30 to 50TL per person. As a matter of fact what you pay for the simplest of accommodation here costs about as much as quite comfortable hotel rooms everywhere else in Turkey. There is one alternative, the cabins in the Olive Garden up hill, which considering its half-board package is cheaper than the camps down in Kabak. Olive Garden is Good value for money, the rest are OK value for money.
Eating is done up in the hill. Expect simple but very decent cooking, where local products is used as much as possible.
There are a few daily minibuses between Fethiye and Kabak, stopping at Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley.

By Tore Kjeilen