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Iztuzu Beach

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Mircale beach

Iztuzu beach, Turkey

Iztuzu beach, Turkey

Iztuzu beach, Turkey

The Iztuzu beach is stunning from high above, as well as from down in the sand. If you come by road, the views of the beach from the last hill appear as a miracle, a 3 km long sand tongue with marshes on the inside. Even better is to make the ascent to the hill to the south, allowing fabulous images.
The beach itself is perfect, sand is very clean. But the water is only knee-high for the first few hundred metres. Making it perfect for small kids, but slightly annoying for the rest of us.
One attraction that is under heavy protection by local authorities are the loggerhead turtles that come in here every June and July to lay eggs. The beach closes at night for just that reason, but if you get here early in the morning you can go searching for scrapings in the sand.
There are usually small boats that can bring you across the river mouth, where there is another beach, small but quite private.

There is no place to sleep here, due to government regulations. There are kiosks at both ends of the beach serving some food, at prices matured by complete lack of competition.
The most immediate place for sleeping and eating is Dalyan, 12 km north.
Sunbeds are available for hire.
Getting out here with public transportation begins and ends at Dalyan. There is a small bus connection 4 times an hour, and boats from Dalyan often include Iztuzu beach in the trips. Coming here with your own transportation, there is a parking fee of 5TL.

By Tore Kjeilen