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Içmeler, Turkey

Içmeler, Turkey

Içmeler, Turkey

Içmeler, less than 10 km away from Marmaris centre, is a smaller and more elegant version of its neighour resort.
Exploiting the full of a bay with high-rising, green mountain sides, Içmeler begins at the beach and follows with the predicatable lines of cafés and restaurants, hotels and a fairly normal town. The town again is home to more cafés, restaurants and hotels.
OK.... is it bad? Not at all! If a nice, relaxing holiday is what you look for, Içmeler is a good choice. The whole place is very pleasant, and quite beautiful. Of course it easily gets a bit boring after a few days, but then you can go to Marmaris to get some new views. Even more, Içmeler is close to several good day excursions, around the Reşadiye and the Hisarönü peninsulas.

Few visitors to Içmeler make it out here on their own, this is a package resort. There are plenty of hotels here, and few mind taking independent travellers. Icmeler Online has a long list of hotels and apartments, offering booking at decently discounted prices. Reviews of 84 hotels at TripAdvisor and 87 on Holiday Watchdog.
Eating in Içmeler is nice, there are more restaurants to choose from than anyone can cover in a normal holiday. Prices are fair, food is often good and service is friendly.
Nightlife in Içmeler suffers from neighbouring Marmaris being famous for the best nightclubs in Turkey. There are a few places in Içmeler too, and considering that a night taxi from Marmaris often becomes expensive, they deserve to be checked out. Places include the Pleasure and to some extent Oasis. There are also several bars, where there usually is no dancing.
Getting in and out of Içmeler is easy, there are plenty of buses connecting to Marmaris, from which any other destination can be reached. Faster than you think, but not as cheap, are the boat connections. This is a must, as the bay here is very beautiful.

By Tore Kjeilen