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Nice little mountain town

Gömbe, Turkey

Gömbe, Turkey

Those few travellers passing through Göreme, either make a wrong turn somewhere or are heading up into the Akdağ mountains. But for some 20-30 minutes, Gömbe is a nice place to stroll around. It is a well-maintained village with many traditional houses. Life goes on without much attention to tourism here. Gömbe's location is also very nice, set in between green mountains. The people here are the Tahtacis, the so-called "wood cutters", a non-Muslim minority (adherents to Alevism).

There are a few pensions here, all very cheap and OK for a night. There are also a few restaurants, equally cheap and adequate.
Fair connections with public transport. Major destinations are Elmalı and Kaş.

By Tore Kjeilen