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Not so bad, actually...

Finike, Turkey

Finike, Turkey

Finike doesn't come recommended by many these days. Poor planning has messed with what could have been a sweet little Turkish resort town. The main highway cuts the town brutally in two, and new buildings pop up all over to thin out both its small town feeling and puts the remaining Ottoman quarters in shadow.
Still, I didn't mind spending an afternoon and a night here. There are many nice quarters, and the Ottoman ones are fairly well preserved. The marina is good for a stroll, and is in the summer full of yachts. There are a few items from the ancient past, established as the colony Phoenicus by traders from modern Lebanon, spread out in the main town park. Look out for the concrete benches that are shaped and painted to look like they were made from huge logs. Weird or cool, I couldn't make up my mind.
Finike's town beach, located to the east, is not among the finest in this part of Turkey. A short drive west, two better beaches are found: Gökliman, 4 km, and Çağıllı, 8 km.

Finike, Turkey

The town park holds a few items of the past. Although hard to make much sense for most visitors, still you should pass the crude stones here slowly, they show a part of history older than antiquity.

Finike hotels

Paris (t. 0242 855 1488) Good value for money
Şendil (t. 0242 855 1660) Good value for money

Bahar (t. 0242 856 2020) Good value for money

Hotel situation is fair, a handful of decent hotel with very competitive rates make Finike a natural place to spend the night for those exploring the region. Same applies to restaurants too. All restaurants are licenced.
Finike is the main transport hub for its region, having good connections.

By Tore Kjeilen