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1. The old mosque and its medrese

2. A nice modern town, too

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The apple town

Elmali, Turkey

Elmali, Turkey

Elmalı is a nice town of about 20,000 resting at 1100 metres above sea level, in a region producing apples and sugar beets. Both its modern parts as well as the old parts of town are attractive, and well worth an hour or two stop.
The old quarters, in the rear end of town, climbs a few hills. Houses here are kanaks, from the Ottoman era, houses framed in timber. Many of them are in excellent condition, and a few quarters emerge as if nothing has changed for 150 years.

Elmali, Turkey

Two hotels in town. One is basic and sad, the other one crampy but comfortable. The cheap is somewhat overpriced, the other affordable.
There are many, many restaurants here. We went for the very most popular, usually then the best according to local taste, but came out totally unimpressed. Fortunately, prices are low.
Elmalı has all necessary services, and is a good base for those travelling slowly around the region. It is also a good transport hub, with connections to all urban centres.

By Tore Kjeilen