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Datca Eski

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Beautiful old village

Eski Datça, Turkey

Eski Datça, Turkey

Eski Datça, Turkey

"Eski" is Turkish for "old". Eski Datça is the original village, the town now known as merely Datça used to be a near uninhabited harbour for the original village higher up in the hill.
Eski Datça attracts visitors for its very nice old stone houses all in the same style along cobbled streets. Everything is extremely well-kept, climbing the hillside in between a greenery. A walk around the village takes just a few minutes, but there are several handicraft shops and a few cafés, so staying longer is very attractive.

There are two pensions in Eski Datça. The Dede is very attractive, not luxurious, but offering just what you want in a place like this, while the Doğa offers boring, basic rooms. Only the Doğa has prices online - unfortunately they ask fantasy prices, €125 to 145 for a double room including breakfast, dinner €55 extra. Greedy!!!
There are two restaurants and two cafés here, all reasonably priced. Also the hotels serve food.
Getting to or from Eski Datça means connecting to Datça, from where more distant destinations can be reached. Small buses run once an hour in winter, once every 30 minutes in summer.

By Tore Kjeilen