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1. Kaunos

2. Hot spring and mud baths

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Sweet village of the river

Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan is a well-kept traditional village along a river. But the river is far from oridinary, and mountain right across the water holds views that will impress most.
The Dalyan river, easily navigable many boats taking operating here, leads upstream to hot springs and mud bath. Downstream it passes the ruins of Kaunos and ends in a marshy delta landscape before one of Turkey's most fabulous beaches, the Iztuzu, forming a barrier to the ocean.
The village is under permanent risk of having its spirit eaten by tourism, but still there is a sweet and friendly touch to Dalyan. A mixture of souvenir stalls, hotels and original houses follow the river, where practically every available spot is occupied by an excursion boat.
On the other side of the river are two sections of Lycian-style rock tombs.

Dalyan hotels

Dalyan Camping Also rents out bungalows Good value for money

Cinar Sahil (t. 284 2402) Good value for money
Holiday (t. 284 2549) Swimming pool Excellent value for money

Acar Park (t. 284 4570) Swimming pool Good value for money
Aktaş (t. 284 2042) Located right on the river, convenient for swimming Good value for money
Asur (t. 284 3232) Swimming pool Both hotel and apartments (ca. double the hotel rate) Excellent value for money
Dalyan (t. 284 2239) Swimming pool Good value for money
Happy Caretta (t. 284 2109) Good value for money
Kilim (t. 284 2253) Swimming pool Excellent value for money

Sultan Palas (284 2103) Swimming pool Good value for money

Dalyan has many hotels, ranging from basic to high mid-range. Value-for-money is overall good to very good.
Travelling this way (it seems meaningless to come to Dalyan without joining at least one boat trip) has a few challenges, as

By Tore Kjeilen