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The long village

Cirali, Turkey

Cirali, Turkey

Typical Çıralı pension, with a courtyard for breakfast and tea.

Cirali, Turkey

Mountains rise up dramatically from the coast where Çıralı has found its narrow space.

Çıralı is a weird village, following the road for several kilometres. At no point does it emerge with a clear centre. A small junction divides the road between one that leads down the sea, another to the eternal flames of Chimaera.
High, green mountains are mainly to blame for the village's strange appearance. Nevertheless, Çıralı is one the places that many travellers put up as their finest moment of their Turkey experience. It is a love or hate place. Nothing seems ever to happen here, which is perfect for many.

There are more than 60 pensions in Çıralı, most of good quality. Prices range from OK to somewhat over-priced. Many of the inns try to sell as packages with half-board. Unless you think that the place you have your dinner should be a place apart from where you sleep, this will prove to be a good idea.
An increasingly popular alternative to Çıralı's pensions and restaurants are the ones at nearby Olympos.
There are fair communications with public transport, getting back and forth. The main hubs are Antalya and Fethiye, from where there are minibuses, one per hour from early morning until early evening.

By Tore Kjeilen