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The Eternal Flame. Honestly!

Chimaera, Turkey

Chimaera, Turkey

Chimaera, Turkey

For as long as history has been recorded, there have been eternal flames at the site of Chimaera. And still, no decisive explanation to the phenomenon has been presented.
The site is approached by a few hundred stairs climbing the mountain side. The actual site has a weird destroyed feeling. No surprise, any attempt by a tree or plants to survive right here has eventually ended up in flames.
At several spots there are flames coming out of the ground, a total of more than 20, which will come as a disappointment if size matters. In ancient times, the flames were much larger than today. It is not vandalism, you could try to put it out. With water, fx. The flame will come back in just a few seconds.
A spot like this did not pass by unnoticed by the religious of ancient times. An important local cult to a Vulcan-variation, Hephaistos, was established here. Still, what remains now of religious structures is a church. The ancient idea of the origin of the flames was a monster, part lion, goat and dragon.
Chimaera lies 7 km from Cirali, the place with all necessary services. Tours can be arranged from there. The best time to visit is in the evening, when the flames comes clear.

By Tore Kjeilen