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The largest boat-building port

Antalya, Turkey

Bozborun, Turkey

Bozborun, Turkey

The ship-builder village of Bozborun rests at a place where you get that strange feeling that you are truly at the end of something. Driving out here, it is like you narrow in on a cape. Nature has a strange, barren appearance, mountains and islands are of the simplest forms and shapes. In the distance, to the south, lies the European island of Symi.
Bozborun has two centres that are connected by a long corniche, which at is closed for cars during afternoons. All along the cornice, yachts are moored up and several tiny pensions and a few restaurants and bars cling to the rising mountain.
Bozborun is a great destination for those looking for peace and to see everything happen in slow motion. If you're not in that group, Bozborun can easily come as dead boring.
Boat life here is far from uninteresting. Foreign boats stop here as a part of a Mediterranean cruise, and anyone with a boat will find many things of interest where wooden yachts are constructed.
Bozborun has no sand beaches, but swimming is easy jumping off the quay.

There is a good selection of hotels and pensions here, that range from fair value-for-money and down. Prices range from high budget to expensive.
Eating in Bozborun is OK. Slighly overpriced, and cooking is unreliable. One place that is generally recommended is the Kandil restaurant.
Getting to and from Bozborun is done with small buses connecting to Marmaris and neighbouring Selimiye. There are about 6 departures per day, and the leg to Marmaris takes about 1 hour.

By Tore Kjeilen