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Beysehir Lake

Beysehir Lake

1. Eflatun Pinari

2. Yesildag

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High lake of the islands

Beysehir Lake, Turkey

Beysehir Lake, Turkey

Beysehir Lake, Turkey

At 1222 metres above the ocean, framed by high mountains snowcapped even in summer, and with more islands than locals have been able to count, the Beyşehir Lake is worth a slow drive. The lake is 650 km² and one of the large lakes of Turkey.
I travelled along its western coast, which is the one where the road comes by far closest to the water. The roads winds between forests and agricultural fields. Many places, the scenery opens up to great views.
Apart from what appeals visually along the drive, there are a few nice stops: The village of Yeşildağ along the western route and the Hittite shrine known as Eflatun Pınarı, along the eastern route.
There are few services for tourists along the way except for a few gas stations and food stores. Travelling this way without your own vehicle would at best involve quite a bit of waiting.
Karaburnu is considered as the beach around, a place even where boats are rented out. It is 18 km west of Beyşehir town.

Beysehir Lake, Turkey

By Tore Kjeilen