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The perfect theatre, or...?

Aspendos, Turkey

Ranked by most as the best-preserved Roman theatre anywhere, Aspendos sees a good share of tourists. Located right in the middle between Antalya and Side, it is the main attraction for many day trippers.
The theatre was built by the command of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the late 2nd century CE. It went through two major restorations, first in the 13th century and a second time in the 20th century, by the command of Atatürk. The latter restoration caused many protests, since there were other ideas about what its original appearance must have been.

Aspendos, Turkey

There are no immediate hotels here, but several restaurants (in the nearby village of Belkis). Motived mainly be foreign tourists who only ever comes this way once, expect less in terms of rich portions and intriguing tastes. Still it is quite adequate.
Getting back and forth is clearly best done with your own vehicle or as part of an organized excursion. Arranging for a taxi is definitely on the pricey side, common prices are €6 from the highway junction or €45 from Antalya.
Admission is 10 lira, parking is 5 lira, open daily 8.00-19.00.
An annual opera and ballet festival is held here, beginning in mid-June and continuing for 3-4 weeks. Quality of performances are reputedly very good, and tickets cheap seen with Western eyes.

By Tore Kjeilen