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The grand Granarium

Those visiting Andriake, often do so by boat. The ancient ruins rests next to the ancient port, which is still operable. From the port, it is a 15-30 minute walk to the ruins, which can also be easily reached by road.

Andriake, Turkey

Andriake, the port of Myra, has a few interesting structures. Still, the site must be considered quite limited, and non-enthusiasts could very well omit a stop here in the first place.
The Granarium of Hadrian granary is the most important structure here, built in the 2nd century CE. The original walls still stand here. Its size is an impressive 65x32 metres. Busts of Emperor Hadrian and the Empress Sabina overlook the main gate. Inside, there are reliefs of two deities.
Also to look out for are the aqueduct, the nymphaeum which rises with its arches complete. Inside is a spring providing water that is said to be safe to drink.

Boat trips can be arranged from Kekova Island and Üçağız. Driving is best done driving south from the junction west of Demre.

Interesting nearby
The oracle of Apollo at Sura is only 5 km west; although in a fairly poor state, it is one of few chances to visit and ancient oracle site. Myra is a stunning archaeological site, 15 km northeast. If you stop at nearby Demre, 2 km from Myra, you can tell everyone back home that you have seen the grave of Santa.

By Tore Kjeilen