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Sophisticated, yet affordable

Akyaka, Turkey

Akyaka, Turkey

Akyaka, Turkey

Also called Gökova, from the bay, Akyaka is both very much like other Turkish resorts, still different. What makes a difference, is that it is frequented mainly by Turks. Apart from that it has all the average tourist demands.
In short, Akyaka feels quite sophisticated, almost like a place the jetset want to keep to themselves. But there is no jetset here, in reality it is an affordable place.
Houses here are more attractive than in the other resorts around this region I have visited, several grand Ottoman homes. The beach is not big but quite beautiful, ending in forested hills to the west, a small harbour to the east where the river empties into the sea. One place that should not be missed at Akyaka are the many lookouts for the bay along the highway to Muğla.

There are several hotels in Akyaka, ranging from budget to expensive. The most exclusive offers in town are Yücelen Hotel and Kerme Ottoman Konak (no prices online). Among the few places with websites are the affordable and decent Motel Susam, the mid-range Idyma and upmarket . The Club Asuhan Çobantur has a website with great pictures, but no text in English nor online prices, which are supposed to be in the high mid-range class. In addition, there are several other hotels from budget to mid-range, most suriving on drop-in customers.
Specialized web pages for Akyaka are at, on which there is only listed one hotel.
It is impossible to starve here, downtown at least every second address is devoted to a café or restaurant. I ended up in this tiny little place where traditional pancakes were made on the spot by three women, filled with spinach and cheese folded once. Quite excellent.
Connections in and out of Akyaka is mainly through the more central hubs of Muğla and Marmaris. Both destinations are 30 minutes away, Muğla twice an hour, while Marmaris only is twice a day, and then only in summer. Should you be pressed for time getting to Marmaris, an option is to take a minibus to the highway 2.5 km out of Akyaka, and hitch a minibus doing Muğ-Marmaris direct. There are several car-rental offices in town, independent driving is an idea in this part of Turkey.
Trips out the bay are offered from several companies here. Although there are several destinations promoting the yacht trips, the main attraction is being out on the ocean.

By Tore Kjeilen