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1. A scenic mountain pass

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Town of the mountains

Akseki, Turkey

The mountain town of Akseki is a sweet little place off the main road between Beyşehir and the coast. High up in the hills, a few nice Ottoman houses are still lived in. The centre is quite nice too, well-maintained and free from any dull recent structure.
What makes a few tourist pass by Akseki is the nature to its north. Along a bad road (passable for all vehicles) you pass by colourful valleys. The highest point, Irmasan Geçidi at 1525 metres, has great views to the north and several cedar trees.
Akseki has a basic hotel and a few restaurants. The restaurants represent a challenge for the hungry, being without any form of menu and with staff that only speaks Turkish. Public transportation is quite possible, Akseki being the only decent town along the 180 km long highway between Beyşehir and the coast.

Akseki, Turkey


By Tore Kjeilen