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1. Climbing streets

2. Mosque of Sidi Ali Azouz

3. Other religious buildings

4. Triumphal arch

5. Street fountains

6. Water temple


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Water temple
Zaghouan, Tunisia

Zaghouan, Tunisia

The Water temple of Zaghouan is usually referred to by its French name, Temple des Eaux, or Temple des Numphes. It dates back to Roman times, and was not a temple, simpy a grand fountain.
Its location is as impressive today as it must have been in the 2nd century CE. Above it rises the 1,295 metre high Zaghouan Mountain, and in front stretches the fields. You may almost see the Mediterranean Sea on a clear day.
Its decoration has similarities with what you would find in a temple. There are 12 niches each having a life size statue representing the 12 months of a year. In the middle there was really a temple, of which only the central niche remains.
The basin below the platform is shaped like the figure of 8, and served to filter the water before letting it on to the aqueducts. The best remains of the aqueduct are found near Oudna.
Zaghouan, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen