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1. Climbing streets

2. Mosque of Sidi Ali Azouz

3. Other religious buildings

4. Triumphal arch

5. Street fountains

6. Water temple


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Zawouia of Sidi Ali Azouz
Zaghouan, Tunisia

Zaghouan, Tunisia

For most climbing the streets of Zaghouan, the 19th century zawiyya of Sidi Ali Azouz is the goal. It is sometimes also referred to as a mosque. It is situated attractively on the top of a hill, with a large dome covered with deep green tiles.
Sidi Ali Azouz is nothing less than the patron saint of Tunis, where he has another zawiyya, but as far as I know, this is the place where he is buried.
The interior can be visited by anyone, for the caretaker, tourists represent his main source of income. The inner parts are really claustrophobic, and I remember the problems I had taking a decent photo, espcially since I had no wide-angle there and then. The interior of the tomb has first class tile works, and is just as beautiful as anything you'll see in Bardo museum in Tunis. The tomb itself is raised inside, and many items, books, pictures and candles are put on top of it.
There is a dark corridor leading to a tiny courtroom. On one side there are the quarters of the caretaker, on the other side the tomb. All is in excellent condition.
Zaghouan, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen