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1. Visas & Passports

2. Getting there
Tunis | Jerba
Tozeur | Tabarka

3. Getting around

4. Distance finder

5. Eating & sleeping

6. Costs

7. Health

8. Safety

9. Sex and Relations

10. Climate

11. Communications

12. Shopping

13. Playing golf

14. Travel costs

15. Which holiday?

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Travel costs for your holiday
Here you can calculate how much your holiday to Tunisia will cost. Of course, the costs indicated here, will never be fully accurate for your specific holiday. The results you get here is simply an indication, even if all costs are derived from real travelling experience.
Total price for getting to Tunisia (write in chosen currency)

Number of adults

Number of children

Length of stay

Quality of hotel



Night life (discos etc.)

Buying and drinking alcohol

Beach activities

Other part activities

Museums Desert excursion Playing golf Wind surfing Diving


... with

As for shopping is concerned

Total travel cost

Daily expenses per person

By Tore Kjeilen