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Some traveller guide books lists pages up and pages down on health and safety risks in Tunisia. This may cause anxiety, and perhaps even detain many from visiting Tunisia (which is a Muslim country in a time when many people feel uncertain about Muslims).
In summary this is the case with Tunisia: You may get sick in Tunisia as you may do back home, you may get stolen from in Tunisia as you may back home. But with normal caution, this is a safe country.
Theft is not uncommon in Tunisia, and more of a threat than in Morocco or Egypt. I have experienced this twice. One time, there were plenty of witnesses, but nobody did anything to intervene. With theft you may experience an unpleasant thing with Tunisian police: They can be reluctant in writing out a certificate of the incident. My guess is that high theft numbers in a precinct can be negative for the police men working there.
Violent crime and rape is of minimal danger. Europeans who hear about such acts committed by North Africans in their home country, should note that North Africans in North Africa are honest, good-hearted people.

By Tore Kjeilen